Selling your retirement property

While Bougainvillea, The Bay Club Resort is a specialist in sales of the village apartments you are under no obligation at all to use our sales team as your sales agent. We are happy to work with your appointed sales representative to ensure the successful sale of your apartment.

When it comes time to sell your Bougainvillea apartment, you’ll need to be aware of a few things. The first step is to let the Village Manager know. They will be able to refer you to our Sales Manager who will explain your responsibilities and help you prepare your home for sale.

One of the big benefits at Bougainvillea is that we have our own dedicated Sales Team who specialize in helping people buy and sell Bougainvillea apartments only. Our Sales team understand this niche market, so they can help you get the best result for your sale.

Like any real estate it is very important that your apartment is presented in the best possible way. We can advise on any details that we think will enhance the saleability of your apartment. We are also happy to refer you to any of the trades which other residents recommend or have used in the past.