Freedom, Individuality & Privacy

We understand how important it is for our residents to have their own front door and the freedom and privacy that come with this. Many tell us that they wish they had moved to Bougainvillea earlier as they hadn’t realised how daunting maintaining their previous homes had become and how lonely they had been. Families are wonderful of course, but they have their own commitments too..

We aim to provide many and varied activities and events. In fact we want our residents to be spoilt for choice, and to be as involved in as many activities and outings as they choose. There is no expectation that everyone must participate. We want you to choose the activities and events you would like to take part in, if at all. We are also open to suggestions and ideas, if you would like to introduce something new to our resort.

While there are lots of familiar, friendly faces, community facilities and things to do, it is completely up to you how involved in the community you want to be. You’ll be welcome to join in and just as welcome to do your own thing. Your privacy will always be respected.

Our retirement village thrives on the different personalities and interests of our residents, so by adding yours to the mix, you’re creating a more interesting place for everyone.

Having said all that, one of the biggest benefits of living in an ‘over 55’ community, is that everyone tends to be at a similar stage of their lives and looking forward to enjoying a relaxing lifestyle, in a like-minded environment, where it is easy to make new friends and people tend to look out for each other.

It’s really how a neighbourhood should be!